Mellow Yellow – Why are yellow flowers popular

Mellow Yellow – a popular choice for 2015/16

From the egg yolk yellow of highly scented garden Pom Pom roses with their flat saucer shape, to the umbels of Anethum graveolens – yellow dill – with its aniseed scent and feathery leaves yellow flowers are in abundance throughout spring and summer. To tone them down they look delightful with creams, whites and softer yellows and can compliment lavender tones well. For a more fiery effect mix with burnt oranges, deep reds and pops of mustard.  Im delighted to share some of my recent weddings featuring yellow flowers that made me smile and actually turned me from a being a bit non plussed about the colour to  a fan!

   This photoshoot took place at Sprivers Mansion in Horsmonden, a relatively new wedding venue

Pom Pom roses, Lemoncello roses, craspedia, senecio, eleagnus in this bouquet

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